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Suzuki GS 150

Valve Clearance : 0.05 - 0.07 mm ( inlet ) , 0.13 - 0.18 mm ( exhaust)
Check Valve Clearance every : 2000km
Note: Adjust valve clearance on cold engine

Spark plug Gap : 0.7 mm - 0.8 mm
Spark Plug Tightening Turns : 1/2 or 180° for new spark plug and 1/8 or 45° turn for used spark plug

Engine idle speed : 1400 Rpm ± 100 Rpm
Engine oil : 850ml liter ( 950ml after changing oil filter )

After overhauling engine : pour 1300ml engine oil

Recommended Engine oil API Standard: API SG, M A or later standard engine oil
Oil Change Interval :
2000 - 4000km or earlier ( depends on riding conditions and engine oil type ) 
Note: use only quality synthetic engine oil for more than 2000km

Change oil filter after : 2000 - 3000km

Note: If engine oil and the oil filter element are replaced at the same time than pour 950ml engine oil in engine but when you are changing engine oil only then pour 850ml liter engine oil 

Clean Air filter Every :2000km or less

Note : soak the air filter in water with dish washer gel . clean the air filter by hands and then after it looks clean than wash it with clean water after that dry it using clean towel and put it in sun light for 4 hours or somewhere dry for about 12 hours to let it completely dry then apply 6 - 8 ml gear oil on air filter and then put it back into air filter box

Recommended Gear oil for air filter : SAE 80/90
Gear Oil Quantity : 6 - 8 ml

Clutch Lever Free play : 10 mm - 20 mm
Throttle Cable Free play : 2 - 4 mm

Note :  first tighten spark plug by hand . for tightening new spark plug turn the spark plug 1/2 turn right with spark plug wrench and then loosen it and then turn it right again this time turn it 1/8 or 45° . this will crush spark plug gasket and securely seat it in the head
Warning : these torque values are only applicable for Suzuki GS150 spark plug check owner's manual for your motorcycle spark plug torque specs

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