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Honda CG125

( Quick Review )

honda cg125 red
honda cg125 black

The Honda CG is an excellent choice for city commuting, offering robust performance and reliability.

Performance: With its potent oversquare 124cc O.H.V engine, this motorcycle can swiftly reach speeds of up to 100 km/h and achieve a top speed of 110 km/h (verified at 100 km/h on a GPS app). However, due to the lack of an engine balancer, it may experience engine vibrations, though this is mitigated in the Euro2 version. Nonetheless, cruising at around 80 km/h (72 km/h on GPS) is comfortable. 

Benefits: The Honda CG requires less frequent maintenance and boasts a reliable engine, ensuring peace of mind for riders.

Cons: Its rough suspension may cause discomfort during long rides.

Recommended for: If you enjoy spirited riding and desire a powerful bike for cruising on urban roads, the Honda CG is an ideal choice.

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