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Yamaha YBR125 Missing Issue Fix

What causes it ?

answer is too big main jet. yamaha ybr comes with too big main jet cause hassetation or sputter at wide open throttle or High engine Rpm.

Fix : your will need to buy size K98 main jet from the internet and install it to fix the issue.

issue 2 : another issue that is present in yamaha ybr125 is in winter the bike is too difficult to start.

Fix : set the carburetor to 2 and half turn in summers and set the rpm speed to 1300rpm and in winter set the carburetor at 3 turns out in winter and set the idle speed at 1300rpm.

or fine tune it by reducing the idle rpm to 500rpm and turn the mixture screw left or right to find the maximum rpm and then set the idle rpm back to 1300rpm. but make sure that maximum limit of turning it is 3 turns to the left after that the mixture screw don't affect the mixture. so make sure that it is in the limit.  

Issue 3 : in summers when opening throttle the motorcycle starts to sputter or difficult to re

Fix : in summers adjust the needle jet to second position for optimal air fuel mix.

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