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Yamaha YBR 125 Series

( Quick Review )


YBR 125Z

YBR 125

YBR 125G

Yamaha YBR125 series is a good commuter. 

Performance:  This motorcycle has a powerful square 124cc O.H.C  engine with a balancer shaft
with these technologies this motorcycle can cruise at high speed with less vibration. You can cruise it between 80-90kmph and its top speed is around 100kmph

YBR 125 and 125G: YBR125g has a metal plate welded underneath the Engine to protect it from rocks while offroading other than that these models are the same.

YBR 125Z: This motorcycle offers classic looks and low maintenance cost than other ybr motorcycles, with Drum brakes changing brakes, is easier and cheaper and with spoked rims, you don't have to worry about bent rims. The only drawback is less braking power than other ybr motorcycles 

Recommended for :

YBR 125: If you want a stylish and sporty-looking bike then this bike is for you.

YBR 125G: If you want a bike with Dual-sport looks then this bike is for you.

YBR 125Z: if you want a bike that has a classic look and low maintenance cost and more practical for all types of roads then this bike is for you

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