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YamaLube Plus 10W-40 (  review )


YamaLube Plus 10w-40 is especially formulated for Yamaha YBR125. it is API SL and JASO MA2 Standard engine oil the Plus point of this OEM engine oil is that Yamaha has perform all necessary test with this engine oil. which ensures the best engine performance and protection. this will provide accurate clutch friction that is needed for YBR125 engine to deliver its peak performance.

you can use it in temperature between -10 degrees celsius to 35 degrees celsius. but it is recommended to use it in cold areas where tempratures -10 degress celsius .in those conditions this engine oil will help starting up easy. by providing less resistance that is caused by engine oil.

Although it is API SL and JASO MA2 Standard engine oil. but OEM engine oils are proven to exceed those standards. this means it will provide more protection than aftermarket engine oil with same API SL and JASO MA2 standard.

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