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Yamaha YBR125 Maintenance Specs

Recommended Fuel Octane : 95 Ron Unleaded Fuel

Maximum fuel capacity : 13L ( maximum 12 liter is recommended )

Warning: wrong octane or low quality fuel cause missing or bogging in this motorcycle

Clutch lever Free play : 10 mm - 15 mm

Throttle cable Free play : 3 - 7 mm

Rear Brake Pedal FreePlay : 20-30 mm

Chain Slack Or FreePlay : 20-30mm

Valve Clearance : 0.08-0.12 mm ( inlet ) , 0.10-0.14mm ( exhaust )
Check Valve Clearance Every : 2000km
Note: Adjust valve clearance on cold engine

Spark plug Gap : 0.6 mm - 0.7 mm.
Spark Plug Tightening : 1/2 or 180° for new spark plug for first time and 1/8 or 45° to 90° turn for old spark plug

warning : dont put too much force while tighting it.

Spark Plug Torque : 9.6lbf-ft

Factory Idle Setting : 2 and half turns

idle mixture screw setting for summers : 2 turns and 25 degrees loose

Engine idle speed : 1400 Rpm ± 100 Rpm

Engine oil : 1 liter 

Recommended oil viscosity : 20w-50

Minimum Engine oil API Standard: API SG, MA

Recommended Engine oil API Standard: API SL, MA

Engine Oil Drain Bolt Torque : 15lbf-ft

In winters : YamaLube 10w-40

in summers: YamaLube 20w-50

Oil Change Interval : 2000 - 3000 km or earlier ( depends on riding conditions and engine oil type ) 
Note: use only quality synthetic engine oil for more than 3000 km

Front Axle Torque : 43lbf-ft

Rear Axle Torque : 59 lbf-ft

Rear Brake Drum stoper Rod : 14 lbf-ft

Recommended Brake Fluid : DOT3 or DOT4

Recommended Front Tyre Size : 2.75/18

Recommended Rear Tyre Size :  90/90/18

Recommended Minimum Tyre Tread Depth: 1mm

Front Tyre Pressure : 25PSI

Rear Tyre Pressure : 29PSI with rider only, and with pillion 36PSi

Maximum Load on Motorcycle : 150KG


Note : first tighten spark plug by hand . for tightening new spark plug turn the spark plug 1/2 turn right with spark plug wrench and then loosen it and then turn it right again this time turn it 1/8 or 45° . this will crush spark plug gasket and securely seat it in the head

Warning : these torque values are only applicable for Yamaha Ybr 125 series spark plug check owners manual for your motorcycle spark plug torque specs

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