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     Honda CD70
  ( Quick Review )

honda cd70 dream red
honda cd70 red

Honda Cd70 is a perfect commuter for riding in the city.

with its 72cc oversquare engine and Euro2 technology, It gives a fuel economy of 50 - 60 km per liter depending on riding habit.

Performance: With a rider, only this motorcycle can achieve 60 km/h cruising speed and 70-80 km/h top speed (72kmph on gps app). with a decent cruising speed of 60 Km/h you can do small rides on paved roads within the city. 

Do & Don'ts:  This motorcycle is built for riding within the city. with this bike Overtaking long vehicles is slow and dangerous and it can not achieve 80kmph cruising speed which is typically the average road speed outside the city in Pakistan and that makes it the slowest and dangerous motorcycle on roads. We don't recommend riding this bike outside the city


Recommended for: if you want a bike for riding within the city and doing the everyday task and don't want to spend too much on motorcycle maintenance then this bike is for you

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