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Yamaha YBR125 Engine and Chassis Torque Specs

Note: If you have any confusion regarding engine part names, please consult the service manual before using these torque values.

yamaha ybr125 red

Cylinder head: 16.2ft-lbs

Cylinder head(Side of timing chain):  7.3ft-lbs

Bolt of oil drainage port: 6ft-lbs

Spark plug: 9.5lbs

Side cover 3 of cylinder head: 7.5ft-lbs

Side cover of cylinder head(Air valve):13ft-lbs

Rotator plate 2 of chain: 51ft-lbs

Guide plate 2 of chain: 8ft-lbs

Locking nut of air valve: 5.5ft-lbs

Timing sproket: 15ft-lbs

Hold-down of cylinder head: 8ft-lbs

Tensioner assy: 8ft-lbs

Oil pump assy: 6ft-lbs

Oil drainage bolt: 16ft-lbs

Silencer assy(Side of cylinder head): 8ft-lbs

Silencer assy(finished vehicle): 17ft-lbs

Left&right crankcase: 7.3-ft-lbs

Crankcase cover1: 7.3ft-lbs

Chain cover: 6ft-lbs

Crankcase cover2: 8ft-lbs

Kick starter assy: 40ft-lbs

Hold-down of idler: 6ft-lbs

Start generator assy: 8ft-lbs

Start clutch assy: 22.5ft-lbs

Main driving gear: 55ft-lbs

Hold-down: 2.5ft-lbs
Clutch hub body: 47ft-lbs

Handle bar seat and inner tube: 18ft-lbs

Handle bar seat and steering shaft: 81ft-lbs

Lower bracket and inner tube: 20ft-lbs

Steering shaft and circular nut: 23ft-lbs

Handle bar and its seat: 18ft-lbs

Caliper and front fork(pan): 18ft-lbs

Front main cylinder and handle bar(pan): 7ft-lbs

Front portion of engine and support 2 of engine: 27ft-lbs

Support 2 of engine and frame: 40ft-lbs

Rear portion of engine and frame: 28ft-lbs

Upper portion of engine and support3/4 of engine: 28ft-lbs

Support3/4 of engine and frame: 28ft-lbs

Rotation shaft and nut: 45ft-lbs

Rear shock absorber and rear arm: 25ft-lbs

Rear shock absorber and frame: 230ft-lbs

Pulling rod and rear arm: 13ft-lbs

Fuel tank and fuel cock: 5ft-lbs

Fuel signal sensor: 3ft-lbs

Front wheel shaft and nut(pan): 65ft-lbs

Front wheel shaft and nut(drum): 35ft-lbs

Rear wheel shaft and nut: 65ft-lbs

Sproket and clutch hub: 28ft-lbs

Pulling rod and brake shoe cover: 14ft-lbs

Cam shaft arm and cam shaft: 7ft-lbs

Brake pan and front wheel(pan): 17ft-lbs

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