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How to Choose the Right tyre Tread for Honda CD70

there are different tyre tread designs available in market but choosing what is best for your riding condition is crucial. here are different tread design and there advantages.

dual purpose tyre
dual purpose tyre

it is a duel purpose tyre design. this type of thread design is good for offroad and decent grip at muddy surfaces. it  will improves offroad handling.

this is commonly used as rear tyre.

with motorcycle recommended ply rating this type of tread design will improve offroad braking effective by digging into dirt and mud.

use this kind of tread design if you do lots of off roading. 

Pros: 50/50 offroad and on road performance.

Cons:  they are not perfect on road or off roads performers. they are just in the middle. 

off rorad tyre tread
off rorad tyre tread

Pros: this type of tyres are build specifically for off roading. its big tread block bites into the dirt and provide maximum contact to the ground. thus improving road grip on uneven trains.

Cons:  this type of tyres are less stable at road and there water evacuation capabilities on road are worst.

road tyre tread front
road tyre tread front

Front tyre : straight grooves in the tyre is the right recipe for front tyre. this tread design is ideal for front tyre.

this improves handling as the tyre is not affected by the road imperfections.


and with more surface area available makes heavy braking safe. and less handle input to go straight. makes the ride less strained.

Road Tyres : its larger contact patch provide excellent on road grip. and braking power. and with lots of grooves facing in different direction makes wet road performance great.

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