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Suzuki GD110s Bolts Torque Specs
suzuki gd110s

Note: if you have any confusion regarding the name of engine or chassis parts then please consult service manual. you can download service manual from the link above.

Torque specs for bolts on Engine

Cylinder head nut: 19ft-lbs

Cylinder head side bolt: 8ft-lbs

Bolts of the air hose: 8ft-lbs

Nut on the generator rotor: 37-50ft-lbs

Bolts on the starting clutch hub:  15ft-lbs

Adjusting nut for valve clearance: 7ft-lbs

Nut on the clutch hub: 30-44ft-lbs

Mounting bolt for the engine (front): 25-28ft-lbs

Mounting bolt for the engine (rear): 25-28ft-lbs

Mounting bolt for the engine (top): 25-28ft-lbs

Torque specs for bolts on CHASSIS

Front axle nut:  34ft-lbs

Bolts on the upper bracket: 35ft-lbs

Bolts on the lower bracket (clamping bolts of the front absorbers): 25ft-lbs

Clamping bolt on the handle pipe: 12ft-lbs

Bolt on the muffler cylinder head: 16ft-lbs

Bolt/nut on the overhang of the engine (top and front): 22ft-lbs

Nuts on the rear absorbers (upper and lower): 23ft-lbs

Nut on the rear axle:  35ft-lbs

Bolt/nut on the swing arm of the shift cam (front and rear):  5ft-lbs

Nut of side bracket installer: 30ft-lbs

Bolt/nut on the rear swing arm: 33-50ft-lbs

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